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Open Access Publications from the University of California

SFEWS Editorial Board

Editorial Board members actively participate with the Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editor. They coordinate and perform peer reviews, suggest topical specialists for peer review, encourage submission of high-quality manuscripts, and advise on management and content. Reviewers take routine steps to avoid redundant publication and screen for plagiarism or other possible misconduct through standard means as guided by the COPE Guidelines for Journal Management. We thank the following individuals for their contributions as members of the board.

2020–2022 Editorial Board

William A. Bennett               University of California–Davis and The Bay Institute

Brian Bergamaschi              US Geological Survey

Larry Brown                            US Geological Survey

Michael Connor                     East Bay Dischargers Authority

Tracy Collier                            Western Washington University

Clifford N. Dahm                    University of New Mexico

Michael Dettinger                  Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Thomas Dunne                       University of California–Santa Barbara

Matthew Ferner                      San Francisco State University

Amanda Finger                       University of California–Davis

Letitia Grenier                         San Francisco Estuary Institute

Bruce Herbold                         Independent Consultant

Wim Kimmerer                        San Francisco State University

Jessica Lacy                             US Geological Survey

Steven Lindley                         NOAA Fisheries

Jay R. Lund                               University of California–Davis

Samuel N. Luoma                  University of California–Davis

Jaymee Marty                          Independent Consultant

Josue Medellín–Azuara       University of California, Merced

Stephen Monismith               Stanford University

Jeffrey F. Mount                       Public Policy Institute of California

Peter B. Moyle                           University of California–Davis

Anke Mueller–Solger              US Geological Survey

Matthew Nobriga                     US Fish and Wildlife Service

Richard B. Norgaard               University of California, Berkeley

Nadav Nur                                   Point Blue Conservation Science

Russell Perry                              U.S. Geological Survey

Denise Reed                               University of New Orleans

David Schoellhamer               US Geological Survey (retired)

Charles (Si) Simenstad          University of Washington

Ted Sommer                              California Department of Water Resources

Janet Thompson                     US Geological Survey (retired)