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The papular mucinosis - scleromyxedema Internet-based multicentre study

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The papular mucinosis - scleromyxedema Internet-based multicentre study
Riccardo Rondinone
Dermatology Online Journal 5(1): 11

From the Division of Rheumatology, Departement of Medical and Surgical Sciences University of Padova, Italy

This is to inform the readers that the "On-line Archives of Rheumatology", a medical review published exclusively on the Internet, has presented a new web-page dealing with a multicenter study about papular mucinosis (PM) and its most severe variant, scle romyxedema (SMX), i.e. the Papular Mucinosis - Scleromyxedema Internet-based Multicentre Study (PMS-IMS). The aim of the PMS-IMS project is to institute a data-base in order to evaluate the clinical patterns and incidence of extracutaneous manifestations in patients with PM or SMX and the response to the different treatment protocols. Due to the low prevalence of the disease, the majority of papers have been published as case reports or clinical studies on only a few patients and therefore some important features of the disease are still a matter of controversy.

The PMS-IMS project is designed as a world-wide multicentre study: colleagues from any University or Institution may take part in it by sending a clinical report (and one or more clinical and histological pictures for case validation) about one or more ca ses. All reports will be evaluated by a scientific committee before being accepted for inclusion in the data-base. The clinical and epidemiological data of the PMS-IMS will be the object of a subsequent publication and all contributors will be included as co-authors. Moreover, the scientific committee will select the best report, in terms of detailed description, quality of the radiological imaging and clinical and histological pictures, which will be awarded 500 EURO by the On-line Archives of Rheumatolo gy. Finally, the most significant pictures will be used for the compilation of an image database and the author's name and institution will be quoted in the legend of each of the pictures selected for the image database.

If you wish to take part in the study please consult our web-page at or contact the editors by e-mail ( or fax (+39 -49 -8212191)