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Broad Spectrum intense pulsed light (IPL)- a new therapeutic modality in the coming millennium

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Letters to the Editor:
Broad Spectrum intense pulsed light (IPL)- a new therapeutic modality in the coming millennium
Dermatology Online Journal 7(2): 22 (letter)

To the editor

Plasmalite (Medical Bio Care, Sweden, AB) is a light source that produces non-coherent broad band pulsed light. The emitted wavelengths range from 600-920 nm with a special peak at 700 nm. This device is the newest and most effective choice in the treatment of wrinkles and both vascular and pigmented skin lesions simultaneously. It is particularly effective for facial rhytids and leg telengiectases. Moreover, Photo-rejuvenation using IPL is a completely safe and effective procedure even for people with darker skin. It will be increasingly used for skin rejuvenation in the future. For example, we found IPL to be effective treatment for poikiloderma of Civatte, a condition that combines vascular and pigmentation abnormalities.

In addition, there is an increasing demand for safe and efficient hair removal. Although long-term hair removal has been demonstrated using lasers and non-coherent light sources, permanent hair removal has been difficult to document due to the long growth/rest cycle of normal human hair follicles. This new IPL system is both efficient and safe for hair removal. IPL delivers light that penetrates skin but is absorbed to an increased extent by the hair shaft over the surrounding tissues. The temperature in the follicle can typically be elevated to 70 degrees centigrade, leading to protein denaturation and hair follicle death.

IPL is a broad spectrum, non- coherent, intense pulsed light (IPL) source that delivers multiple wavelengths with software controlled pulse durations and sequencing, which permits treatment of both vascular and pigmented lesions simultaneously. IPL is also useful for hair removal. We believe that this device will greatly enhance the treatment of many common cosmetic problems.

Ahmed El-Bedewi MD,Dermatology Consultant National Center for Radiation Technology, Egypt

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