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A new Method to clean Colour transparencies

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A new Method to clean color transparencies
P. Sugathan
Dermatology Online Journal: 8(2): 26

One of the "rewards" of taking and storing color transparencies in a tropical climate is the loss of the pictures due to fungal growth on the emulsion surface. Many, I am sure, are out there cursing themselves for the loss of special pictures which they could not save onto photo CDs or other media. Frustrated with this perennial problem of restoring the transparencies, I have been experimenting with several known chemicals such as acetone, ethanol, carbon tetra- chloride, isopropyl alcohol, and soap and water. I have tried storing the slides in many recepticles including earthern pots and cardboard boxes with zero watt bulbs. In spite of this, many excellent and rare pictures have been irreparably damaged.

Noting the exuberance of mold growing on a camel made of soft leather(and stimulated by the never-ending complaints from my wife to remedy this situation), I applied Tolnafate. Eureka! The mold disappeared and demonstrated the solution for preventing mold growth on my color transparencies!

Figure 1 Figure 2
Fig.1, The slide showing heavy fungal growth before cleaning
Fig.2, The same picture after cleaning

The Method is as follows: The slide affected by the mold is kept with the emulsion surface up on a letter pad. A drop of Tolnaftate lotion is placed on this surface and gently spread over the entire area with a finger tip. After letting this remain for 2 or 3 minutes, it is gently wiped with a paper tissue until it is clear of the mold. Reinfection after this treatment is very rare, but if it happens, the treatment may be repeated. I can now safely keep my transparencies in card board boxes, and when necessary, clean them with Tolnafatate Lotion (commercially available as Tinaderm), manufactured and marketed by Fluford (India) Limited.

Dr.P.Sugathan MD,
Consultant Dermatologist,
Baby Memorial Hospital,
Indira Gandhi Road,

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