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(11e) Skin Cap and Corticosteroids

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(11e) Skin Cap Spray and Corticosteroids

This is to inquire respecting the article "The Highly Effective Use of Topical Zinc Pyrithione in the Treatment of Psoriasis: A Case report".

I understand that the "novel topical preparation of zinc pyrithione" used in this case is in fact the product known as 'Skin-Cap'.

Apparently this product has been discovered (by the Pharmaceutical Institute of the University of Utrecht) to contain the corticosteroid triamcinolon, and has been withdrawn from sale in the netherlands.

If Skin-Cap does contain corticosteroid, then the study in DOJ is surely invalid, as the effect of Zinc Pyrithione on its own remains untried, and the improvement shown would likely be due to the steroid.

I am most interested in any comments on this.

David Boyce