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Classic Kaposi sarcoma in an HIV-negative Han Chinese man: a case report


Kaposi sarcoma (KS) is a multifocal angioproliferativetumor of endothelial origin. Despite nearly identicalclinical and histopathologic presentations, KS isclassified into four distinct varieties: classic/sporadic,AIDS-associated, African/endemic, and iatrogenic. Allsubtypes are invariably linked to human herpesvirus-8(HHV-8) and show a male predilection. Classic Kaposisarcoma is exceedingly rare in the Asian populationand its incidence varies by region and ethnic grouppredominance. A study in the Xinjiang region of Chinafound that only 1% of classic KS cases occurred inpatients belonging to the Han Chinese ethnic group,which formulates 84% of the Taiwanese population.Therefore, classic KS is extremely rare in Taiwan, withvery few reports describing the manifestations ofdisease in this population. We report a case of animmunocompetent 68-year-old HIV-negative HanChinese man born and raised in Taiwan with classicKaposi sarcoma on his trunk and extremities.

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