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Haines Ely MD and Arthur Huntley MD

Dermatology Online Journal, December 1995
Volume 1, Number 2

RxDerm-L is a discussion group created for dermatologists in 1993 to allow free flow of information on topics relating to treatment of skin disease. List membership is open to any dermatologist or dermatology resident, and to others by invitation.

The list was initiated to take advantage of the immediacy of information sharing among a large group of dermatologists in many countries, something which could only be done on-line. The therapeutic items which are discussed usually arise from information need. Although a discussion may continue for days, most of the substantive response occurs within the first 24 hours of posting. The response time is too slow for urgent needs, but otherwise adequate.

The information is not filtered, and one may find a great variation in therapeutic suggestions. The discussion is analogous to that of an open forum at a medical meeting where several participants offer therapeutic pearls, none of which are subject to editorial review. It is left to the reader to filter and judge the value of the comments. Such a critical reading is best done by one experienced in the specialty.

Having comments on-line also has the advantage of allowing for further discussion and clarification if needed. Since a reply address of the physician posting is included in the message, follow-up discussion may occur either on or outside of the list, whichever is more appropriate.

As the archives continue to accumulate, it is hopeful that at some point they will become a useful reference for the practitioner. The archives accessed by this page are open to additions as generated by the list.

Dermatologists and physicians in training to become dermatologists are invited to join in the discussions.

All contents copyright (C), 1995.
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