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Phil Fleckman M.D., Chief Editor
Dermatology Online Journal. Volume 2 Number 1 : 1

As the Dermatology Online Journal enters its second year of publication, it begins to assume a more predictable form. The feature article by Greg Raugi, Sara Kim, and Peter Odland deals with the initial attempt to extend the Skin Biology course for second year medical students at the University of Washington School of Medicine to the World Wide Web. What more appropriate subject could a journal whose object is to maximize the strengths of the Web ask for? This edition of the Journal pushes the envelope of this object with the incorporation of the LIFT (Limited Information with optional Full Text) concept into case reports by Lia Keller and colleagues - see Art Huntley's editorial.

Additional new features also designed to exploit the advantages of WWW publishing include the centerfold, discussions on how the Internet is affecting Dermatology and creating your own Web Page, and a request for consultation that will incorporate discussion. What now has become expected fare - the dermatopathology case by Ron Barr and news from the Profession continue to complement the new material. Finally, a rather complete set of instructions for authors rounds out this edition of the Journal.

Please join us for this issue. Your comments will be appreciated.

Phil Fleckman
Chief Editor