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Multiple Infiltrated nodules and plaques

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Multiple Infiltrated nodules and plaques
Vandana Mehta Rai MD DNB, C Balachandran MD
Dermatology Online Journal 12 (7): 26

Department of Skin and STD, KMC Manipal.

Clinical synopsis

A 58 year old man presented with asymptomatic erythematous nodules and plaques on the trunk of 9 months duration. Lesions were few at onset but gradually progressed to involve the entire back, upper extremities and the ears. There was no history of photosensitivity, sensory or motor deficit, or neuritis. There was no history of spontaneous resolution of the lesions. Cutaneous examination revealed multiple erythematous deeply infiltrated nodules and plaques on the back and upper arms. Their surface was smooth and shiny with no evidence of any scaling, follicular plugging or scarring. There was nodular infiltration of the ear lobes bilaterally. All the routine biochemical and hematological investigations were within normal limits. Slit skin smear for acid fast bacilli was negative. Biopsy from the plaque revealed normal epidermis with well dermarcated dense perivascular infiltrate and periadnexal infiltrate in the reticular dermis composed of mature lymphocytes.

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1. Infiltrated nodules and plaques on the back
Figure 2. Nodular lesions near the ears

Figure 3 Figure 4
Low power and close view of dermal infiltrate

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