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CD30+, CD8+, CD4- Cutaneous Lymphoma with Sarcoidosis

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CD30+, CD8+, CD4- Cutaneous Lymphoma with Sarcoidosis
Joel M. Gelfand MD1
Dermatology Online Journal 7(1):24F

1. Department of Dermatology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A 39 year old male presented to dermatology in March, 2000, with widespread papulonecrotic lesions with accentuation on his palms and soles and in the oral cavity. The patient also had annular, infiltrated plaques on his lower extremities. Biopsies of the papulonecrotic lesions demonstrated a CD30+, CD8+, CD4- anaplastic, large T-cell lymphoma, whereas biopsies of the annular plaques demonstrated sarcoid-like granulomas. Staging biopsies demonstrated sarcoid-like granulomas in the patient¹s liver, bone marrow and lymph nodes. The papulonecrotic lesions cleared completely with low doses of methotrexate. CD30+ lymphomas, CD8+ cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, and sarcoid-like granulomas in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma patients will be discussed.

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