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(11g) Skin Cap Analysis in Spain

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(11g) Skin Cap analysis in Spain

Skin Cap was introduced in Spain 5 years ago and was supposedly only Zinc Pyrithione in an spray. I was very surprised with the spectacular results of this product in psoriatic patients, and could not believe that Skin Cap contained only Zinc Pyrithione. For that reason I ordered a chromatographic analysis of a sample of Skin Cap which was performed in the Department of Pharmacology and Dermatology of the General Hospital in Valencia. (you may check this information with Dr. Adolfo Aliaga. Chairmen of the Department of Dermatology of General Hospital. Avenida Tres Cruces s/n zip code 46009. Valencia. Fax 34 6 386 29 70). This analysis showed that Skin Cap did not contain zinc pyrithione, rather it was a combination of 0.5% triamcinolone acetonide, 2% neomycin undecilinate and 1alicylic acid. Health authorities of the Spanish Government were advised of this irregularity and Skin Cap was prohibited in our Country.
Two years later, a similar problem with Skin Cap was detected in the Netherlands. Skin Cap was then analyzed at TNO in Zeist (Netherland) The result of this analysis was the same as that in Spain. Skin cap contained triamcinolone acetonide at high concentration. (This information can be verified at TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute Postbus 360 NL-3700 AJ Zeist phone +31 30 694 41 44 fax +31 695 72 24 e-mail

If Skin Cap is now producing similar good results in the USA, I would like to raise the issue that it may not contain only Zinc Pirithione as previously was detected in several countries in Europe.

Sincerely yours,

Onofre Sanmartin, MD. PhD

Servicio de Dermatologia