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An unusual presentation of seborrheic keratoses in a man with hereditary hemochromatosis


Hereditary hemochromatosis is an autosomalrecessive disorder that disturbs iron metabolismand results in iron deposition throughout the body.Iron accumulation in various organs may cause awide range of systemic symptoms and cutaneousmanifestations of the disease are particularlystriking. Classically, hereditary hemochromatosis hasbeen termed “bronze diabetes.” Although diffusehyperpigmentation is a well-described feature ofthis disease, other cutaneous symptoms may alsooccur, and a variety of anomalies may be observed.We present a case of long-standing hereditaryhemochromatosis associated with hypopigmentedplaques, which were found to be seborrheic keratoseson histologic examination. The cutaneous findingsin hereditary hemochromatosis are summarized andan unusual case of seborrheic keratosis manifestingas hypopigmented plaques in a man with hereditaryhemochromatosis is described. PubMed was usedto search the following terms: hemochromatosis,hereditary, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation,keratosis, melanin, seborrheic, siderosis. Despitethe generalized hyperpigmentation that is usuallyobserved in hereditary hemochromatosis, seborrheickeratosis may present rarely as hypopigmented lesionsin individuals affected by this disease. Therefore,seborrheic keratoses should be considered in thedifferential diagnosis in hemochromatosis patientswho present with uncharacteristic pigmentation

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