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Viewers, browsers, and WWW performance

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(2) Viewers, Browsers, and WWW Performance.

Arthur C Huntley MD, Davis
Andreas Bittorf MSc, Erlangen
Mortin Taragin PhD, Rehovot

Dermatology Online Journal -- July 1995
Volume 1, Number 1


Traditional Presentation
This form of presentation most closely resembles that found in traditional paper journals. The text flows from beginning to end as a traditional study.

Informal Presentation

Because the traditional material is present for back-up, an informal approach is also possible using the same study material. This has more emphasis on results and conclusions.

Viewers and Sources (ftp)

This section is both an appendix which lists the various viewers tested, as well as ftp links to those which are available for downloading. Any of the first choice viewers are available for retrieval through this document.

Testing Your Configuration

You can use the benchmarks which are provided here to compare the time to display an image. The instructions will help you download the appropriate files and then test your system.

Reference Documentation

Several of the references mentioned in the text are from material which is available online. The edition cited is provided as full text. In addition, the ftp link is provided for you to download a more current version, if that exists.
All contents copyright (C), 1995.
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