Table 2. Comparison of Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs


Synthetic wig

Human Hair Wig


-           Holds style even if wet

-           Minimal fading in sunlight

-           Often lighter weight than human hair wigs which may decrease itching

-           Easier to maintain on day-to- day basis

-           Does not have to set after being washed

-           Does not absorb odors as easily as human hair wigs

-           Good for those who enjoy short hair styles.


-           Looks and feels more natural than a synthetic wig

-           Can be styled like real hair

-           More durable and lasts longer than synthetic wigs

-           Better for those who wear long hairstyles

-           Can use hair dryer, curling iron, dye kits and perms



-           Cannot be permed or styled with blow dryer and curling iron, or hot rollers

-           Excess heat may cause hair to frizz

-           Fibers can melt if directly in heat

-           Cannot be  permanently colored

-           Less durable than human hair wigs (lasts 6 months -1 year)

-           Certain tones (i.e. blonde tones) may not look completely natural in some lighting settings

-           May change color over time


-           More expensive than synthetic wigs

-           More difficult to acquire

-           Needs more care and time than synthetic wigs

-           Requires styling after washing

-           Loses style when wet, and becomes frizzy on humid days

-           Heavier than synthetic wig


Cost (USD)

$   80 -  300 (machine made)

$ 300 -1200 (hand made)

$   500 - 1500 (monofilament wig)

$ 2000 - 6000 (custom made)

Expected duration of wear

2-6 months (Machine made)

1  year (hand tied)

2-4 years