Table 1. Comparison and Scalp Camouflaging Agents




Example (& available colors)


Frequency of Use

Mechanism of Camouflage



Approximate Cost

Company Websites

Hair fibers

ToppikR (8 )

Magic Hair (8)

NanogenR (10)

HairsorealTM (8)

Organin (8)

X-fusion (8)

Boom Boom Hair (8)

Mirage fibers (7)

Megathik (7)

Supermillion hair (11)

Kerasome fibers (7)

-Sprinkled onto balding areas of the scalp


Positively charged fibers bind to negatively charged hair

-Make hair appear thicker and fuller

-Easy to apply

-Quick to apply

-Does not stain or streak


-Slightly messy

-Inexperienced users may have clumping of fibers

- Washes out in heavy rain or with swimming

- Less suitable for frontal hairline

-Small amounts can rub out on pillow

$20-30 per month


Powder cake

DermMatchR (8)

-Applied to thinning areas with sponge applicator

Daily or with every showering

-Colors the scalp and binds to hair fibers

-Adds thickness

-Water resistant (can be used while swimming)

-Ideal for focal areas, especially frontal hairline

-Least expensive for duration of use

-Requires longer application time than hair fibers


$ 30 for 6 months



Alopecia masking lotion (12)

CRC Concealing Color  (6)

-Rubbed into thinning areas directly on the scalp

Daily or with every showering

-Colors the scalp

-Water resisitant

-Ideal for focal areas of loss

-Relatively inexpensive

-Slightly messy

-May stain

$30 for 3 months


FullmoreTM spray (8)

proTHIKTM (6)

Good Looking Hair (6)

Magic Spray (13)

Bumble & Bumble (5)

Salon Grafix Powder Shampoo (4)

-Sprayed directly onto scalp

Daily or with every showering

Colors the scalp

-Water resistant

-ideal for focal areas of loss

-Easy to apply

-Slightly messy

-May leave hair sticky

$20-30 per month

Hair crayon

Roux Tween Time  (10)

- Rubbed onto scalp

Daily or with every showering

Colors scalp and hairs


- easy to apply

-washes out with shampoo

- Not practical for large areas

$ 10  for 10 g tube (lasts many months)

Many internet distributors