Table 4 Trials involving imiquimod






Fife et al, 2001 19


Randomized Controlled

The optimal dosage regimen was three times a week, with an overall improvement of 90% for three times a week

No data

Moore et al, 2001 20


Reviewed published randomized controlled trials

Complete clearance of warts at the end of treatment occurred in 51% of patients treated with imiquimod 2% or 5% cream and 6% of placebo treated patients

Recurrence occurred in 18/112 patients of those treated 5%, 2/30 with imiquimod 1%, and 1/13 with placebo. For the three large trials only 27/121 (22%) of these had a recurrence

Tyring ST,et al  1998 21


Randomized Controlled

Clearance during treatment with imiquimod. Regression of warts was strongly associated with a decrease in HPV DNA and in mRNA expression for both early and late viral proteins.


Edwards et al, 1998 22


Randomized double blind placebo

50% of 109 patients who received 5% imiquimod cream, 21% of those who received 1% imiquimod cream, and 11% of patients treated with vehicle cream experienced eradication of all treated baseline warts. Five percent imiquimod cream is an effective and safe self-administered therapy

 The recurrence rate is low.

Beutner et al., 1998 23


Prospective double blind, placebo controlled trial

An 80% reduction in baseline wart area in 62% of imiquimod-treated patients versus a 4% of the placebo group. A 50% reduction was noted in 76% of imiquimod-treated patients versus 8% of placebo.