Table 10-Typical Treatment Cycles for Patients with Genital Warts5


Typical cycle

Patient-applied treatments


Apply at bedtime for 3 days removed in morning , then no treatment for 4 days; alternatively, may apply every other day for 3 applications;  repeat weekly cycles up to 16 weeks.


solution or gel

Apply twice daily for 3 days and removed in 12 hours, then no treatment for 4 days; repeat for 4 cycles.

Physician-applied treatments

Cryotherapy, Surgical excision, electrosurgery and laser

Used as frequently as every week (interval needed to see if wart has resolved to any extent and to allow for tissue healing)


Can be used in office setting.

Podophyllin resin

Applied to warts individually and let dry; can be used weekly.

Trichloroacetic acid

Applied sparingly to warts and let dry; can be used weekly.

Adapted from Kodner and Nasraty.5