Table 2. Literature Review of Lymphomas with Primary Presentations on the Penis



Table References (Language other than English)



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Non-Hodgkin, NOS


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Diffuse Large Cell


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Diffuse Large B-cell


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B-cell, NOS


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B-cell, mixed cellular type


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B-cell, T-cell rich


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Cutaneous T-cell


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Primary Peripheral T-cell, CD30-


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CD30+ Large T-cell


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Primary Cutaneous ALCL


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NOS, Not otherwise specified; MALT, extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; MF, mycosis fungoides; ALK, anaplastic lymphoma related tyrosine kinase; ALCL, anaplastic large cell lymphoma; -, negative; +, positive; *, two cases; **, CD30(+) T-cell lymphoma; ***, unclear if meets WHO criteria for ALCL.