Table 1. Advantages of the Kaiser Permanente LAMC model compared to university-based academics


·      High full-time starting salary (~$300,000) and incremental standard pay-scale

·      No need to negotiate for a higher salary

·      If one becomes partner in 3 years, the salary jumps 15% plus an additional substantial year-end bonus if SCPMG does well financially

·      Retirement plan (at age 65, can receive up to 20-50% of the average of the three highest earning years for 10-30 years of service)


·      Largely untapped extensive electronic medical records for large-population based retrospective studies

·      Large patient base with broad pathology for clinical trials

·      Chance to become a pioneer at any early age within the field of dermatology


·      Chance to be a part of a new dermatology residency

·      Ample opportunities for clinician-educators


·      Level and intensity of bureaucracy is probably less compared to universities

·      Potentially more desirable location to practice