(2) Viewers, Browsers, and WWW Performance

Huntley, Bittorf, and Taragin

Dermatology Online Journal, July 1995
Volume 1, Number 1


In order to test your configuration, you will be provided with test images and one HTML file. You will be able to compare your opening times using the same test files used here. Given here is one HTML file which can be used to call up both a JPEG/JFIF and an LZW/GIF file. The sizes of the files chosen are typical for dermatologic images compressed in both these formats at the UCDavis image databank. In order for you to perform this test, you should first download the images and text file to your hard drive, and then call them up with your browser as local files. The text file will expect the images to be in the same directory.

First, retrieve the files.

jpeg image

gif image

html test file

Be sure that the names that you use to save the images are "image1.jpg" and "image2.gif".

Here are the benchmarks for comparison:

Tests of your browser or browser/viewer combination need to be done on a local file. You should have downloaded the file and images. Give instructions to your browser to open this program and measure with your stopwatch or the second hand on your watch, the time from the completion of the command until all downloading has stopped and the image is fully displayed. (For small screen displays, you will have to rely on the indication that the download has been completed). Compare your times with the benchmarks given.

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