Journal Online Dermatology

Art Huntley MD

Art Huntley is an Associate Professor of Dermatology at University of California at Davis. At the time of this writing, he is on sabbatical leave at the Computing Center, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot Israel. His primary investigative focus is currently centered on the use of computers and the Internet in the teaching and practice of Medicine.

E-Mail Lists
Reticulum is a list created to discuss the use of computers within the medical school curriculum. It was created in 1993 as an alias, an experiment in the use of e-mail to replace face-to-face meetings of a medical school committee discussing curricular issues. With an increasing number of members from outside the campus, in 1994 it was transformed to an e-mail list.
Acaderm-L was created in November 1993 as the first email list for the dermatology community. This list was envisioned to provide communication within the academic community on a variety of common issues related to teaching and administration of an academic dermatology program.
RxDERM-L was created in November 1993 to serve as a forum for dermatologists to discuss issues relating to patient treatment.
Medpicts was created in January 1995 as an extension of a group of dermatologists discussing nomenclature and the posting of images on the World Wide Web. Dermatologists are now a small minority of the membership and the list discusses a wide range of issues relating to the use of digital images and medical education.

Projects of Interest

Dermatology Online Journal
This magazine was created as a virtual laboratory for the exploration of WWW as a medium for continuing education in the field of dermatology. This project was created by Art Huntley MD, and is currently under the editorship of Phil Fleckman MD at Univerisity of Washington, with the help of an outstanding editorial board, a listing of which can be found in the opening pages of this journal.
RxDERM, The Book
This text is a project to create an online therapy reference text for the practice of dermatology. It is a joint project of Haines Ely MD and Art Huntley MD, both at the University of California, Davis.

Representative Publications