Dermatosis Clinical manifestations Onset Pathophysiology Inheritence Alcohol Test Treatment
Dermatosis Neglecta Brown, adherent, cornflake-like scaling in areas of indaeqate frictional scrubbing Any age Lack of friction produces improper exfoliation of the stratum corneum Acquired Complete clearance Frictional cleansing, alcohol based preparations, and epidermolytic emollients
Terra Firma Forme Dirt-like brown patches, typically involving the neck, occasionally neck and arms Children, adolesent, young adult ? involvment of Pityrosporum. ? incomplete squame maturation with retention of melanin Acquired Complete clearance Alcohol-based preparation
X-linked Icthyosis Fine to large scaling prominent over extensor surfaces, comma-shaped corneal opacities, increased migration of B- lipoproteins on electrophoresis Birth/infancy Steroid sulfatase deficiency producing improper cholesterol metabolism and desquamation X-linked recessive Unresponsive Emolients, keratolytics, topical retinoids, or Vitamin D
Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis of Gougerot and Carteaud Persistant hyperpigmented papules and plaques localized to the central trunk Any age ? Abnormal reponse to infection - Pityrosporum Acquired Unresponsive Keratolytics, Vitamin A & D derivatives, antimicrobials, &/or systemic antibiotics
Acanthosis Nigricans Gray-Brown plaques of the axiillae, neck, external genitalia, groin, facer, inner thighs, antecubital and popliteal fossae, umbilicus, and perianal area, beginning as a dirty appearance associated with hyperkeratosis, increased sking markings, and papillomatosis Any age Insulin resistance stimulating ILGF promoting celluar proliferation. Humoral factor produced by neoplastic cells promoting cellular proliferation Acquired Unresponsive Treat the underlying cause
Atopic dermatitis Brown-black ripple pigmentation predominantly on the anterior neck in an atopic patient Any age Unknown. Long standing interface dermatitis producing post inflamatory hyperpigmentation. Amyloidosis Acquired Unresponsive Topical steroids, avoid irritants, moisturizers
Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmented plaques in areas of resolved inflamation Any age Melanocytes drop to the dermis after dermal epidermal junction disturbance Acquired Unresponsive Reassurance. Treat primary process.Bleaching agents.
Frictional Asymptomatic Darkening of Extensor Surfaces (FADES) Hyperpigmented plaques involving areas of friction &/or pressure, predominantly on the knees and elbows Any age Friction and pressure prouducing hyperpigmented scaling Acquired Unresponsive Avoid pressure and friction