22-month old boy with progressive erythematous papular eruption of three weeks duration
History A 22-month old boy with three week history of asymptomatic progressive erythematous eruption. No preceding fever or respiratory tract infection. No family members affected.
Physical Examination Erythematous 1-4 mm papules on face, trunk and extremities. Minimal involvement on midline chest and abdomen. Marked involvement of lateral trunk with coalescence into raised geographic plaques. Cervical adenopathy was present.
Positive Epstein-Barr titer, increased LDH and alkaline phosphatase
Laboratory Epstein-Barr antibodies present in high titer. Slight elevation of serum LDH and alkaline phosphatase. Total white blood cell count normal with slight lymphocytosis.
Biopsy revealed epidermal spongiosis, superficial and mid perivascular lympho-histiocytic infiltrate

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